2023 - At the annual parish council meeting, Members decided to incorporate the committees into the full council meeting. Should there be a requirement for a separate committee meeting, then all members of the council are able to sit on that committee as and when convened.


Date Agenda Minutes
11th January 2021 210111AmenitiesAgenda [pdf] 274Kb 200111AmenitiesMinutes [pdf] 169Kb
8th March 2021 210308AmenitiesAgenda [pdf] 222Kb 210308AmenitiesMinutes [pdf] 192Kb
9th August 2021 210809AmenitiesAgenda [pdf] 216Kb 210809AmenitiesMinutes [pdf] 264Kb
20th September 2021 210920AmenitiesAgenda [pdf] 190Kb 210920AmenitiesMinutes.pdf (1) [pdf] 186Kb
1st November 2021 211101AmenitiesAgenda [pdf] 268Kb 211101AmenitiesMinutes.pdf (1) [pdf] 232Kb
20th December 2021 VIRTUAL INFORMAL 211220AmenitiesAgenda [pdf] 144Kb 211220AmenitiesMinutes1 [pdf] 203Kb