Aldwick Duck Poind

Aldwick Duck Pond is a lovely place to visit if you want to enjoy a few minutes of tranquillity gazing at the water, or you want to show your children the ducks as they swim about happily in their home. 

in 2017 the duck pond was refurbished.  The work involved transporting several sections of corrugated sheeting to the island.  The sections were then bolted together and scaffold poles were run from one side of the island to the other to lock all the sections together.  After that, approximately 6 tons of concrete, rubble and finally topsoil had to be ferried across to the island using the small boat.  This built up the height and consolidated the shape.  Logs were added to build up the edges.  Black waterproof membrane was attached to the sides of the island and green plastic leaves were attached to make it look natural. 

 In April of that year, the project was further enhanced by the building of 3 new duck houses.  Four brightly coloured houses can also be seen to the left of the pond.  Two new ramps were constructed to enable the ducks to access their home and the island was planted with bulbs, flowers, shrubs and trees.   4 new floating rafts were added along with a new waterfall and fountain.  Pond managers put in hundreds of hours of voluntary work to make the pond the happy place it is today for ducks and moorhens.