Aldwick Parish Council Committee Members 2021/22


Chairman:  Cllr Mr. A. Smith

Council Members: Cllr Mr J. Bass (Vice-Chairman); Cllr Mrs C. Birch; Cllr Mrs S. Coppard;  Cllr Mrs G. Edom;            Cllr Mr R. Gotheridge; Cllr Mrs J Rufey; Cllr Mr A. Smith (Chairman)  Cllr Mrs S Stallard, Cllr Mr M Smith.


Clerk/RFO: Sue Batey,  Ass't. Clerk: Mary Halpin

Note that the Council Chairman and Vice-Chairman are ex-officio members of all Committees.  Additions to the individual committees, in the course of the year, can be found under the Agendas & Minutes section.

Appointment of Finance Commit tee Membership for 2021/2022

Cllr Mr Gotheridge, Cllr Mrs Rufey,Cllr Mrs Stallard and Cllr Mr Smith   

Appointment of Planning Committee Membership for 2021/2022 Cllr Mrs S Stallard; Cllr Mrs J Rufey;            Cllr Mrs Birch; Cllr Mr Gotheridge; Cllr Mr Bass.

Appointment of Amenities Committee Membership for 2021/2022

Cllr Mr Gotheridge, Cllr Mrs Rufey, Cllr Mrs Stallard, Cllr Mrs Birch, Cllr Mrs Edom and Cllr Mr Bass.        

Staffing Committee Membership for 2021/2022 

Cllr A Smith, Cllr Mrs Birch and Cllr Mrs Edom.